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Why use Course Reserves?

Course reserves provide equitable and affordable access for students by using library-licensed or open access materials. This year, DePaul undergraduates are expected to spend $1104 on textbooks and course materials. When you use course reserves you help ease student's financial stress and ensure they have access to readings from the first day of class.

When you submit a course reserve request, the Library can help you by:

  • Purchasing unlimited access e-books or other e-resources if they are available for a library license.

  • Checking whether the library has electronic access to an item and providing a stable URL.

  • Providing access to film in streaming or physical formats.

  • Scanning a chapter or article to link from Course Reserves and/or D2L.

  • Placing a physical copy of required items on reserve at the John T. Richardson Library or Loop Library, when electronic access is not available

What is Leganto?

  • Leganto is a course reserves system that provides a better user experience for you and your students through a more modern user interface, integration with the LibrarySearch and better integration with D2L. 
  • You will be able to create dynamic lists from a range of sources -  print and digital Library resources, streaming video, websites, textbooks, journals, and more. 
  • All items added to your Leganto reading list can be accessed by your students directly from your D2L course site

Key Dates


April 12

Deadline to submit course reserves for Summer Quarter. All items submitted by April 12 will automatically migrate from ARES to Leganto.

April 29 Course reserves are migrated from ARES to Leganto. Any course reserves items added after this date will not migrate from ARES to Leganto.
May 17 Leganto goes live for faculty. Faculty can now submit course reserves for Summer and Autumn Quarters.

June 11

Leganto goes live for students. Students can now access course reserves for Summer Quarter.

Benefits of Leganto

Easy to create and modify lists

Library resources can be added seamlessly within Leganto; no more forms to fill out when adding resources to reserve. Leganto's "Cite It" plugin allows you to add online resources to your reading list with one click.

Supports list sharing and collaboration

Leganto lets you easily add collaborators to your reading list. You can add other instructors to your list and adjust editing access.

Gives instructors a "window" into the Library's resource management system

All items added to Leganto reading lists are shared instantly with the Library's internal system, creating a link between your course and the Library. When Library staff process reading lists, instructors are able to see updates - such as those related to item availability and purchase request status - in real time.

Makes students usage data visible to instructors

Instructors are able to see the number of students who have accessed each resource in their reading list, as well as the specific ways students have interacted with each resource (views, downloads, comments, etc). 

Creates opportunities for student engagement 

Instructors can create Read and Respond assignments on course materials, requiring students to read and annotate PDF files as directed by the instructor. Students can also make comments and recommend readings for the reading lists.

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