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Business Law and Entrepreneurship

Lexis/Overdrive Study Aids



The LexisNexis Digital OverDrive Library can be accessed by:

>Going to the Law Library Database List 

>Click on "LexisNexis OverDrive Digital Library"

>Sign On with your Campus Connect ID & Campus Connect Password  (the links below take you directly to the Sign In page)

>Navigate to the Title of your Choice

I.  Banking & Finance Law (General Business Law titles are included here)

Questions & Answers:  Business Associations 2d. ed. (Carolina Academic Press - 2011)

Questions & Answers.  Taxation of Business Entities (by Kristofer C. Neslund & Nancy G. Neslund - Carolina Academic Press (2011))

Understanding Labor Law 4th. ed. (by Douglas E. Ray, Calvin William Sharpe, Galen J. Roush & Robert N. Strassfeld - Carolina Academic Press - 2014)

Understanding Nonprofit and Tax Exempt Organizations 2d. ed. (by Nicholas P. Cafardi & Jaclyn Fabean Cherry; Carolina Academic Press - 2012)


II.  Commercial Law

Questions and Answers:  Payment Systems 2d. ed. (Gregory E. Maggs & Timothy R. Zinnecker - Carolina Academic Press - 2003 - present)

Questions & Answers:  Secured Transactions 2d. ed. (Bruce A. Markell & Timothy R. Zinnecker - Carolina Academic Press - 2011)

Understanding International Business and Financial Transactions 4th. ed. (by Friedland, Jerold A. - 2014)

Understanding Negotiable Instruments and Payment Systems (by Lawrence, William H. - Carolina Academic Press - 2002)

Understanding Secured Transactions 5th. ed. (by Lawrence, Henning and Freyermuth - 2012)


III.  Corporations

Questions & Answers:  Business Associations (Carolina Academic Press - 2011)

Understanding Corporate Law 4th ed. (by Arthur R. Pinto & Douglas M. Branson - Carolina Academic Press - 2013)

Understanding Corporate Taxation 3rd. ed. (by Leandra Lederman & Michelle Kwan - Carolina Academic Press - 2016) (the 2nd ed. (2006) of this title is available as well via the Lexis Digital Library) 


IV.  Securities Law

Questions & Answers.  Secured Transactions (by Markell, Bruce A. & Zinnecker, Timothy R. - Carolina Academic Press (2011))

Understanding Securities Law 6th. ed. (Steinberg, Marc. I. - Carolina Academic Press - 2014)