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Business Law and Entrepreneurship

Illinois Monographs & Treatises


Selected Illinois Business Titles

Available in the Law Reference Stacks.

The following Selected Titles are either part of the "Illinois Practice Series" Set OR deal with IL Business Law in some capacity.


Business Organizations 2nd. ed. (part of Illinois Practice Series - volumes 7-8) (By Murdock, Charles W. - West, (c2010-) ) -      Law Reference Stacks KFI 1280 .I4 2010   

Illinois Forms:  Practice-Oriented Forms for Illinois Legal and Business Transactions... (Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co - with 2017 Supplements) - Law Reference Stacks KFI 1268 .I45 

Midwest Transaction Guide | LexisNexis Store


Midwest Transaction Guide: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan (online on Lexis Plus as well) - Law Reference Stacks KFI 1413 .Y682 (however, the online version is the most current)

Midwest Transaction Guide:  Illinois, Indiana, Michigan.  Transactions in Turbulent Times (online on Lexis Plus as well) - Law Reference Stacks KFI 1413 .Y682 (however, the online version is the most current)

Uniform Commercial Code Forms, Annotated : with Authors' Comments Following Individual Forms (part of Illinois Practice Series - vols 1-2) -(By Daniel R. Murray, Carter H. Klein, and Donald R. Cassling - 2002 (with Supplements))   Law Reference Stacks KFI 1280 .I4 v. 2A-2B 

Uniform Commercial Code with Illinois Code Comments (part of the Illinois Practice Series - vols 2A-2B) (Thomson West, (2017))Law Reference Stacks KFI 1280 .I4


Additional Titles located within the Law Reference Stacks may be helpful in your research as well.





The Institute for Continuing Legal Education (or IICLE) publishes Practitioner Oriented Materials

that are Available in Print & Online (IICLE Smartbooks - BOX ON LEFT). 

The IICLE Titles (below) are Available in Print & are Located in the "Law Reserve Stacks" (behind the Circulation Desk)

These titles are listed Alphabetically (kept in Binders - pictured in Box on Left) at the Circulation Desk.  

Please Do Ask for these IICLE Print Titles By Title Name (not Call Number).


Advising Illinois Financial Institutions, 2002 (General Editors:  Bruce Jay Baker and John E. Freechack)

Business and Commercial Litigation, 2019 (General Editor, Joseph L. Kish - 2019)

Business Bankruptcy Practice, 2018 (General Editor, Daniel A. Zazove ; chapter authors, Josef S. Athanas [and others]  - 2018 ed.)

Business, Law, and the Internet:  essential guidance for you, your clients, and your firm, 2002 (General Editors:  Michael S. Simon and Andre C. Frieden)

Business Law:  Miscellaneous Operating Issues (General Editor, Donald Tracy - 2021 ed.)

Commercial Real Estate:  Financing and Transactional Issues, 2021 (General Editor, William j. Anaya - 2021)

Consumer Bankruptcy Practice (General Editor:  Ronald R. Peterson, chapter authors. Angela M. Allen [and others] 2018)

Business Law:  Choice of Entity (Miriam Leskovar Burkland - 2020 ed.)

Business Law:  Mergers and Acquisitions (James R. Asmussen - 2020 ed.)

Condominium Law:  Daily Operation Challenges (Comstock, Gabriella R., contributor - 2021 ed.)

Condominium Law:  Governance, Authority, and Controlling Documents (Bartzen, Nicholas P., chapter author - 2021 ed.)

Consumer Protection Law, 2019 (by Hagan & Blackston)

Dramshop Act Practice, 2020 (Matthew G. Burke, author)

E-Commerce Law:  Managing the Privacy, Security, and Transaction Risks (2001 - Thomas J. Smedinghoff and Ruth Hill Bro.)

Elements of Illinois Law:  Organizing and Advising a Small Business (Young, Todd M. - 2020)

Elements of Illinois Law : Real Estate Practice (Fajerstein, Daniel E., author - 2020)

Predatory Mortgage Lending and Servicing, 2019 (by Edelman, Daniel A.)

Real Estate Litigation, 2021 (by Johns, LaVon M. & Dalianis, Area G. - 2016)

Securities Law, 2003 (General Editors:  James J. Eccleston, Jerry J. Burgdoerfer - 2 volume set)