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Business Law and Entrepreneurship

Titles on Westlaw Edge

For a more extensive listing of titles (specifically "Secondary Sources" dealing with Banking & Finance (actually listed as "Finance & Banking" in Westlaw Edge), Commercial Law, Corporations & Securities Law):

Sign on to WestlawEdge (make sure to choose "Westlaw Edge" specifically - via drop down - top middle of screen)

> click on "Secondary Sources" (in All Content Tab - which is the default Tab)

> Select a Topic or Topics to search (via the left hand column)

> and Peruse the Titles that Come Up in these various Business Areas.

For Example:  If you Click on the Empty Box next to "Finance & Banking" - 115 Titles are listed (as of 11/20/19)


I.  Banking and Finance Law

Banking Crimes:  Fraud, Money Laundering & Embezzlement  by Villa

Banking Law and Regulation (2d ed) by Malloy

Mortgage and Asset Backed Securities Litigation Handbook (2d ed) - West Publishing 


II.  Commercial Law

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts - by Haig & ABA Sxn on Litigation

Hawkland's Uniform Commercial Code Series - (we own in print as well but only updated to Oct 2015)

Uniform Commercial Code Transaction Guide:  Analysis and Forms - by Alces


III.  Corporations

Corporate Counsel Guidelines (by Villa, John K.)

Fletcher Corporation Forms Annotated (we have print version as well - but need to check currency)

Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Corporations (Westlaw title contains "Private Corporations" vs. just "Corporations" - an older version of this set may have "Private" in the title)

Law of Corporate Officers and Directors:  Rights, Duties and Liabilities by Ronald J. Colombo 

O'Neal and Thompson's Close Corporations and LLCs:  Law and Practice

Piercing the Corporate Veil (by Presser, Stephen B.)


IV.  Securities Law

Going Public Handbook (by Harold S. Bloomenthal, Cannon Y. Harvey, and Samuel E. Wing, St. Paul, MN:  Thomson Reuters (West) 1985-date)

Mortgage and Asset Backed Securities Litigation Handbook (Eagan, MN:  Thomson Reuters (West), 2009-date)

Securities Law Handbook (by Harold S. Bloomenthal -- Thomson Reuters -- up to date)
Treatise on the Law of Securities Regulation (by Hazen, Thomas Lee - 7th ed - St. Paul, MN: Thomson Reuters (West) 2016)


IN ADDITION, PLEASE NOTE:  While these are "Selected Titles" off Westlaw Edge, more and more materials will be added as time goes on (i.e. Practical Law...etc.)