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Business Law and Entrepreneurship

Titles on Lexis Plus

For a more extensive titles (specifically "Secondary Materials" dealing with "Banking & Finance; Commercial Law, Corporations & Securities Law"):

Sign on to Lexis Plus via LexisNexis

>Click on "Secondary Materials" (Under the default tab "Content Type") 

>Click on "Treatises, Practice Guides & Jurisprudence" (under "Content Type) 

>Choose a Practice Area of Interest - "Banking Law" (is a solo practice area on Lexis Advance while "Business & Corporate Law" are a paired practice area)

I.  Banking & Finance Law

Bank Holding Company Compliance Manual (Matthew Bender & Co)

Banking Law (Matthew Bender & Co)

Banking Law Manual (2d ed. Matthew Bender looseleaf)

Banks and Thrifts:  Government Enforcement and Receivership by Zisman (Matthew Bender - looseleaf - 1981-date)

Checks, Drafts and Notes by Weisblatt (Matthew Bender & Co - looseleaf - 1984-date)

Commercial Loan Documentation Guide by Norton (2 vols - 1989-date - Matthew Bender & Co - supplemented annually)

The Law of Electronic Transfers (in addition, we have 1980 w/1987 print)

Michie on Banks and Banking (14 volumes - 1995-date - Annual Supplementation)


II.  Commercial Law

Commercial Damages:  A Guide to Remedies in Business Litigation (by Knapp, Charles L. (current))

Commercial Finance Guide (Editors, Leichtling,

Commercial Loan Documentation Guide (Editors, Leichtling, (2016))

Debtor-Creditor (Editor, Eisenberg (2017))

Doing Business in the United States (by Spires, Jeremiah J. (current))

Modern UCC Litigation Forms (by Betsos & Hays (2017))

Sales and Bulk Transfers Under the UCC (Editors, Duesenberg, al. (2017))

Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest (available in print up to 2011 as well)


III.  Corporations 

Business Organizations with Tax Planning (by Cavitch, Zolman - New York: Matthew Bender and Co. 1963-date)

Corporate Governance:  Law & Practice (by Goodman, Amy L. and Bart Schwartz - Newark, NJ:  LexisNexis Matthew Bender, 2004-date)

Liability of Corporate Officers and Directors (Knepper, William E. and Dan A. Bailey - 8th ed. 2009-date - Charlottesville, VA:  LexisNexis)


IV.  Securities Law

Insider Trading (by Wang, William K. S. and Marc I. Steinberg - New York : LexisNexis, 2013)

Securities Arbitration Procedure Manual (by Robbins, David E. 5th ed. 2000-date - Charlottesville, VA: LexisNexis)

Securities Law Techniques (Editor-in-Chief, A.A. Sommer - New York : Matthew Bender & Co. - current)


IN ADDITION, PLEASE NOTE:  While these are "Selected Titles" off Lexis Plus, more and more materials will be added as time goes on (i.e. Company & Financial materials ...etc.)