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Need to Choose a Health-Related Topic or Issue?

A few suggested sources of inspiration for choosing a research topic:

  • News, views & letters sections of health & medicine-related magazines & journals
  • Websites of health-related professional organizations, associations & publishers
  • Books you've read--e.g. 'day in the life of..' memoirs, narratives, anecdotes, biographies, testimonials, other personal accounts resonating with your experiences or interests (or... try one of these books!)
  • Friends, acquaintances, family members receiving or providing health care services
  • Your own personal experience as a provider or recipient of health care services or information


News & Current Issues in Health & Health Care

Science & Health News - Quick & Easy!


This page provides quick & convenient links for keeping current with science news.When a publisher website does not provide full text, access DePaul's online magazine subscription using the "Find Specific Journal/Newspaper" box located on this page!


Find specific journal/newspaper

For Example, 'National Geographic'

Additional News Sources

Linked below are a few key resources for searching across multiple newspapers at once.  Be sure also to check the separate research guide: "How to Find Newspapers & News Stories" for a much wider choice of news resources!