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Featured Background Resources (Multi-Disciplinary/General)

The following resources provide a wealth of useful definitions, explanations and overviews on your topic and related subject areas, and offer a convenient and efficient way to explore your public health topic within different disciplinary contexts and perspectives (e.g. sociological, socio-economic, psychological, ethical, philosophical):

Additional Sources of Background Information (Overviews, Explanations, Definitions etc.)

Get your research off to a good start!

Use the extremely helpful encyclopedias & other reference sources linked from this page - they're great starting points for your research!

Still can't decide on a topic, & looking for inspiration?  Try searching some of the great news sources listed on the ''Choosing Your Topic" tab in this research guide.

Disease Information Sources

Bacillus anthracis (National Library of Medicine)


In addition to the information sources listed below, take a look at DePaul's collection of books on human communicable diseases by clicking HERE