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The most direct way to identify marketing-related books shelved primarily at the Loop Library location is to search the DePaul VuFind Catalog. Use the keyword marketing in conjunction with one or two other words of interest, e.g., a particular demographic, women marketing. An alternate approach is to use the keyword consumers instead of marketing: women consumers. Larger companies will have entire books devoted to them, e.g., Starbucks or Microsoft, but they might also appear in the table of contents as a case study. Try searches that combine the name of a company and marketing: Starbucks marketing.  Also consider doing a search for the name of the industry or product: coffee marketing.

Requesting Books

Click here for step by step instructions on how to request a book from DePaul University Library and I-Share.


Marketing to People Not Like You  

A number of the latest titles about brand management and consumer segments are available through DePaul Library e-books collections. These are identical to print books, but can be viewed online using your Campus Connect ID and password.  The collection Books 24x7 is particulary strong in marketing books.  Search by title, topic or use the navigation menu to find sub-areas within Marketing. 

Other e-book collections at DePaul