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Company Information (Law & Business)


Hoovers’s  ( some free content and covers public & private company info as well) (use Search Box - Search Company - Company Profiles Tab...etc.)

Offers a Great Deal of Basic Company Information

  • On Thousands of Public & Private Companies – All in one place

A Good Place to Start 

  • To Find Out whether a Company is Public, Private, Parent or Subsidiary 
  • Gives a Good Snapshot

Keyword Searchable

  • Across the Company Descriptions

In General, gives All Kinds of Free Financial Information & Data 

  • Some Proprietary and Costs Extra
  • But Does Point to Other Resources that May Be  Available To You

State of Incorporation Or Formation

  • The Place of Incorporation/Formation may be different than the location of the business' principal office.
  • Many entities (see our Business Entities & Business Organizations Research Guide for more information on business entities) are incorporated in Delaware due to laws favorable to business entities. Sometimes the company's web site will disclose the state of incorporation.

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Know the Corporate Form & Secretary of State Information

Know the Corporate Form
Why Does Corporate Form Make A Difference?
Locating information about a company can be challenging especially if it is small and not heavily regulated
Business license- Check the county or city clerk's office. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships usually do not have to file with the state's secretary of state office, unless they are conducting business under a trade name or fictitious name.  Basically, domestic general partnerships and sole proprietorships do not need to file unless they are transacting business under a name other than their own personal name.
(As mentioned, a general Internet search and/or Company website search - may yield some information about smaller companies)
Corporations formed in a particular state must file with that State's Secretary of State, as do Limited Partnerships, LLCs and LLPs formed in the state.
Corporation | Definition, Formation, and Organization

Foreign companies planning to transact business in a certain state typically must register with that state's secretary of state's office if they are operating under a name other than their own personal name. Laws may vary among states as to what filings are required.
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