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Company Information (Law & Business)

Additional Resources of Interest when Researching Company Information

Library of congress 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download |  Wallpaper Flare

Library of Congress Research Guide:  Doing Company Research:  A Resource Guide

Investment Houses

File:Merrill Lynch - panoramio.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsFile:Credit Suisse Logo.svg - Wikimedia CommonsMorgan Stanley Shows Strong Gains | Wealth ManagementDeutsche Bank (old building) | Perhaps not surprisingly, Deu… | Flickr

There are also reports, available for a fee, which are prepared by investment houses like Merrill Lynch,  Credit Suisse First Boston,  Morgan Stanley Smith BarneyDeutsche Bank,  etc. These reports are on public companies only, and can be quite expensive from aggregators like "Investext"  for those that subscribe. Some reports may be available from "Business & Company Resources (Gale publishing)" a product often found in local public libraries