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SciFinder Mobile

SciFinder Mobile: Quick Access!

What is SciFinder Mobile?

  • A highly-simplified version of SciFinder that you can access through most smart phone and mobile devices

How & when would I use SciFinder Mobile?

  • Access it anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device
  • Log in using your existing SciFinder account username/pw
  • Just go to
  • Use it for quick & simple searches, including:
    • Explore by Research Topic
    • Explore by Substance ID
    • Explore by Author Name
    • Explore by Company Name
  • Review your 'Keep Me Posted' alerts
  • Review your previously-saved answer sets

How is SciFinder Mobile better than the ‘full version’?

  • You don’t need to open SciFinder Mobile via the DePaul Libraries website
  • No applications software is needed

What are the limitations of SciFinder Mobile?

  • You can't perform structure or reaction searches
  • Only the most basic chemical substance data is available
  • You can't peform more than 100 substance searches per day
  • There are no results export or saving options
  • SciFinder's 'Get Full Text' links are not provided (instead, you can find full text by first searching for the publication name via the library website links: "FIND" > "JOURNALS BY TITLE" or else searching for your article from within an article database (e.g. 'ACS Publications,' or 'Web of Science') 
  • iPads and some other mobile devices are not recognized by SciFinder as 'Mobile' devices, and will not allow you to run 'SciFinder Mobile'

Find more details on ‘SciFinder Mobile, or contact the Chemistry Subject Librarian, or Ask A Librarian.