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SciFinder Mobile

SciFinder Mobile: Quick Access!

What is SciFinder Mobile?

  • A highly-simplified version of SciFinder that you can access through most smart phone and mobile devices

How & when would I use SciFinder Mobile?

  • Access it anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device
  • Log in using your existing SciFinder account username/pw
  • Just go to
  • Use it for quick & simple searches, including:
    • Explore by Research Topic
    • Explore by Substance ID
    • Explore by Author Name
    • Explore by Company Name
  • Review your 'Keep Me Posted' alerts
  • Review your previously-saved answer sets

How is SciFinder Mobile better than the ‘full version’?

  • You don’t need to open SciFinder Mobile via the DePaul Libraries website
  • No applications software is needed

What are the limitations of SciFinder Mobile?

  • You can't perform structure or reaction searches
  • Only the most basic chemical substance data is available
  • You can't peform more than 100 substance searches per day
  • There are no results export or saving options
  • SciFinder's 'Get Full Text' links are not provided (instead, you can find full text by first searching for the publication name via the library website links: "FIND" > "JOURNALS BY TITLE" or else searching for your article from within an article database (e.g. 'ACS Publications,' or 'Web of Science') 
  • iPads and some other mobile devices are not recognized by SciFinder as 'Mobile' devices, and will not allow you to run 'SciFinder Mobile'

Find additional details on ‘SciFinder Mobile’ at:, or contact the Chemistry Subject Librarian, or Ask A Librarian.