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SciFinder Training

For basic 'on demand' SciFinder tutorials, and for E-Seminars...


But for a more structured and thorough SciFinder training, go to ...

CAS Learning Solutions 

Set up your own CAS Learning Solutions account, and manage all your SciFinder training plans and progress (separate login from the one you use to access SciFinder)

ACS Webinars--Factual, Free & Fascinating!

Fast, Convenient & Easy access to webinars and videos addressing fascinating & important concepts & issues in chemistry.




Chemistry Career Information Sources

Here are two great sources of information on careers and opportunities for chemists, but of course you can also find huge amounts of information through individual employer websites, or simply browsing within a particular web domain (e.g. the search: "chemistry careers")

Training & Learning Resources

This page offers links to useful training and education resources for using online chemistry tools and resources

Green Chemistry Resources