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What is SciFinder?


   The most comprehensive resource available for searching the chemistry literature.

  Produced by CAS (Chemical Abstract Service, a division of the American Chemical Society)

  Contains millions of journal articles, patents, conference proceedings, reports, dissertations, books

  Detailed information on ~ 200 million chemical substances & ~ 140 million reactions

  It's getting bigger all the time! (click for 'at-a-glance' CAS statistics).

  It's only available to current DePaul students, faculty or staff

  New users must first register & set up an account (see: "SciFinder - Account Setup")

SciFinder TroubleShooting

Follow these tips to avoid or help with common 'slip-ups' and 'road blocks' you might encounter on your way to becoming a seasoned SciFinder user!  (if you continue to have problems or questions, please ask the Chemistry Subject Liaison, Chris Parker, at or via 'Ask A Librarian'):


On the form for registering my new SciFinder account, I'm being asked to enter my DePaul email address--but I don't know what it is, or if I even have one!

Registering your new SciFinder account requires the use of an active '' email address. See the instructions provided in the "SciFinder Account Setup" section of this guide.

I've forgotten my SciFinder login Username or Password!

At the SciFinder login screen, click on the link "Forgot Username or Password?" and in the boxes provided, enter EITHER your username OR your DePaul email address.  You'll shortly receieve a link in your email allowing you to reset your password.

When trying to log into SciFinder, I get an error message saying "Access to SciFinder is not authorized from this IP address"!

This means that you've tried to access SciFinder from outside the domain of DePaul, whereas you need to use one of the links provided in the DePaul Libraries website.  Valid links inlcude those found in this research guide (in boxes titled "Frequently Used Resources," "Accessing SciFinder," and "Finding Articles"), or via a search for "scifinder" in the DePaul Libraries search box (located on the far left side, about half way down the library home page).  Any of the latter access points will provide access to SciFinder via DePaul's proxy server, which includes your authentication as an eligible DePaul SciFinder user.  Such authentication and access is not possible if you attempt to access SciFinder directly through the website.

I want to use the 'Java' structure editor to draw molecules and perform structure and reaction searches, but the structure editor won't appear!

If you prefer to use the Java version of the structure editor, it will only work if you have a recent version of Java software installed on your computer (go to and click on "Do I have Java?" link to check and/or download the latest version). Success in installing or using Java may depend on the Internet browser you use (for e.g. you may have problems downloading or using later versions of Java in the Google Chrome browser).  

I know how to get started in SciFinder, but I just need some quick help to get me started with my searches!

SciFinder's 'Support' pages include a helpful collection of short task-oriented tutorials & FAQs HERE. Also feel free to ask the Chemistry Subject Liaison, Chris Parker, at or send a question to all librarians via Ask A Librarian (also linked from library home page).

My browser or SciFinder session crashed and I lost all my work!

It's nasty & frustrating, and happens to us all at least once. Some strategies and 'good habits' you might consider for avoiding future such disappointment include saving your work as you go along. For instance, you can use the "Save" tool (located on upper right of your search results screen) to name and save a particular set of search results for future retrieval via the "Saved Searches" menu (located along upper left hand banner).

What do I click on to get full text? (I don't see any "Find Full Text @ DePaul" links!)

Within any given article record, get full text by first clicking on the link marked "Link to Other Sources" - whereupon SciFinder will open a pop-up window in order to run its 'CAS Full Text' tool, which in turn, links to the "Find Full Text @ DePaul' link.  To allow the popups and CAS Full Text resolver to work, you may need to change your browser's pop-up management settings to allow popups for all websites with the web domain ""

Nothing happens when I click "Link to Other Sources" to get full text

Be sure that your browser settings allow pop-ups (set to allow pop-ups for all website addresses ending in ""). Then, when clicking "Link to Other Sources," a new window will open that provides the "Find Full Text @ DePaul" you need to access full text.

How can I access the mobile version of SciFinder ('SciFinder Mobile) on my iPad?

Unfortunately, iPads do not identify themselves to SciFinder as mobile devices (unlike iPhones or iTouches). Unless your web-enabled device is identified as 'mobile,' SciFinder will 'see' it as a fully Internet-capable device, and will direct you to the full version of SciFinder (remember: when accessing the full/non-mobile version of SciFinder, you must always use one of the SciFinder links provided through the library website - such as those in this Chemistry Research Guide).

SciFinder Training

Depending on your needs and interests, click the following links to SciFinder-n training resources: