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University Library DePaul Library

Log in from the library website

When you access online resources from the library website remotely, log in using your BlueKey login credentials, just like when logging into other campus resources such as D2L, Campus Connect, and Zoom.

You will remain logged in for 8 hours and will not need to authenticate to access any other online library resources unless you switch browsers, clear cookies, or use a new device. 

Log in from a or publisher's or vendor's website

If you find an article without going through the library website (e.g. Google Scholar, web search), many publishers/vendors allow you to log in directly using OpenAthens. 

  • Look for the log in or sign in link. The experience will vary by website, but some terms you may see include:

    • Log in through your institution

    • Sign in via your organization

    • Institutional Login

    • Access through your institution

    • Access/Profile

    • Sign in


  • Search for or specify "DePaul University."

    • Ignore the option to sign in with an OpenAthens account. 

    • Some websites may ask you to select your federation when logging in, so select OpenAthens Federation if needed.

  • Log in with your with your BlueKey login credentials.

Not all publishers/vendors offer this single sign-on login from their websites/databases. For some, you will still need to go through the library website