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Here are the most common errors you might encounter when attempting to access online resources remotely.

If you have any other issues, contact Ask A Librarian for help.

Cookies are not enabled, are blocked, or are turned off

What to do: Enable cookies in your browser. OpenAthens uses various cookies to maintain sessions and store preferences that are necessary for its operation. None of these contain personally identifiable information.

Instructions vary by browser and device, so check your browser's documentation.

We are sorry that we cannot complete your request

What it means: The link was not formatted correctly or the resource was not configured correctly in OpenAthens by the library.

What to do: Click the "OpenAthens administrator" link to report the issue to the library and we’ll look into it. 

Sorry, access to this resource has been restricted

What it means: You do not have permission to access this resource.

What to do: Click the button to contact your administrator (the library) if you believe that you should have access to this resource and we'll look into it. Please include the error details.