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Using Background Sources for NSG 400

One of the goals of NSG 400 is to discover and explore variations in the meaning/definition, scope and use of a given nursing-related concept, depending on the disciplinary context or perspective (e.g. whether philosophical, cultural, professional, geographical, language-related, or related to a particular patient group or practice setting). 

The background sources linked below are very well-suited for these purposes. They also provide you with useful keywords--including any technical or discipline-specific terminology that you can incorporate into your database searches when you start looking for articles.

Try These Multidisciplinary Background Sources

Each of the three background sources: Credo, Gale and Sage, are cross-searchable multi-disciplinary collections of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and other reference works. They make it easy to find--as well as save and cite--useful definitions, explanations and overviews relating to your nursing concept (search using single words or very short phrases to find useful overviews, definitions and explanations).

Also Try Some Health/Psych Background Sources

In addition to all the materials you can find through Credo, Gale & Sage, here's a selection of more subject-specific and clinically-related background information resources: 

Background Sources include Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Guides & Other Reference Works