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How You Can Use This Guide

Use this guide to get research advice & convenient links to the most useful information sources for supporting NSG 400: "Theoretical Components of Nursing" (a wider range of resources supporting the more advanced nursing research courses in your program are provided through the library's "Nursing Research Guide" and "Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Research Guide").

If at any stage you’d like ‘in person’ assistance, feel encouraged to Ask A Librarian or “Make An Appointment.” 

The library can help you with the following:

  • Choosing a nursing concept: Explore a wide range of information types & sources to help you identify a nursing concept that’s not only meaningful and interesting to you, but also lends itself to an analysis of its meaning, interpretation and use in different contexts.
  • Exploring definitions and variations in meaning: Use online encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks & guides to explore variations in what your nursing concept might mean across different disciplines, professions, practice areas, philosophies, cultures, or demographic groups.
  • Discovering the significance of your nursing concept: Use the library catalog and research databases to discover the significance of your chosen concept within the context of nursing, health care, or the health or well-being of specific groups of people.
  • Using diverse information sources: Explore the appearance and treatment of your theoretical nursing interests across different types of information sources, including books, scholarly & non-scholarly articles, primary research studies, reviews, and works of a more creative, narrative or literary nature. 
  • Identifying empirical referents: Refine and limit your searches to find sources describing how the attributes of your nursing concept have been identified, validated or measured.
  • Finding materials connecting nursing theory & practice: Find and discover illustrations of nursing theory-practice relationships through articles, books and also also video materials featuring prominent nursing practitioners and theoreticians. 

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