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Guide to Library Services for Law Review and Law Journals

This guide will serve as a fundamental resource for information on library services and policies geared toward DePaul Law Review and Specialty Journals and their specific research needs.

Cite Checking Policy and Procedure

The Rinn Law Library maintains a comprehensive collection of resources in print and digital format to support the curriculum and research needs of DePaul College of Law students and faculty. If an effort to better serve and support the DePaul Law Review and Specialty Law Journals, below is a list of policies and procedures for cite checkers.


DePaul Resources First:

We expect all DePaul users to make a good faith effort to ensure that DePaul does not have the resources they need before placing interlibrary loan requests. Please see the following sections for assistance:


Policy on TOC, Front Matter, & Copyright Page Requests:

DePaul has an extensive collection of journals available in print (search for Journal by Title) and electronic databases (A-Z databases). Many of the electronic databases such as Hein Online and JSTOR not only offer articles in PDF format but also have the table of contents and front matter available as well. Therefore, the Rinn Law Library will not place requests for Table of Contents, Front Matter or Copyright pages for journals that are available in acceptable formats for cite checking per the Bluebook Rule 18. Table of contents, front matter and copyright pages will automatically be included in any interlibrary loan request where DePaul does not have the article and/or journal needed in its print or digital collections. This includes if it is not in an acceptable format per the Bluebook Rule 18 for appropriate cite checking. Please contact a Law Reference Librarian or your Journal / Law Review Librarian Liaison if you need additional assistance.


Policy on State Codes, Cases, and other electronically available resource requests:

DePaul has access to state codes, cases and various secondary resources in both print and electronic format through Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law. The Bluebook Table T1.3 indicates which codes are the official code for each state. The Bluebook Rule 18 notes that many states authorize either Lexis or Westlaw to publish their official codes, which are more readily available in either of the electronic databases. Therefore, we will not place requests for state codes, cases or secondary resources where, per The Bluebook, they are accessible in either print, electronic or freely available through the state itself in an acceptable format for cite checking. Exceptions will be made in circumstances where specific versions of the code (ex. a previous edition is needed from before a law was changed) must be obtained in order to perform the cite checking.  Please see the State Code Finding Aid for reference of DePaul and Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law holdings. Please contact a Law Reference Librarian or your Journal / Law Review Librarian Liaison if you need additional assistance.


Policy and Procedure on submitting Interlibrary Loan Requests via Tipasa:

We ask that each law review or law journal designate no more than three editors to submit Tipasa requests on the law review / law journals behalf. We also ask that you coordinate amongst yourselves to ensure you are not submitting duplicate requests for the same materials. Please note that Tipasa requests for materials that can be obtained via DePaul or I-Share will automatically be canceled by the ILL Manager. Additionally, Tipasa requests with bad cites may also be canceled for lacking enough information to place the request. If you are unsure if we own a resource, if it is available via I-share or if you need help finding more comprehensive information on a resource to place a request, please contact a Law Reference Librarian or your Journal / Law Review Librarian Liaison.