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Guide to Library Services for Law Review and Law Journals

This guide will serve as a fundamental resource for information on library services and policies geared toward DePaul Law Review and Specialty Journals and their specific research needs.

How To Find Books:

1. Search the Catalog:

The VuFind catalog will allow you to search by title, author, keyword, subject and ISSN/ISBN; set limiters to restrict your search to DePaul Libraries or expand them to all I-share Libraries. You can further narrow your search by format, topic, subject area, language or region (ex. United States).



The tutorial above was created by the University Libraries and walks you through searching for books on WorldCat Local. Please use the Rinn Law Library's Version of WorldCat Local to place a Tipasa request. Placing your request through the University Libraries WorldCat Local link will direct you to their Tipasa system to place your request. The University Libraries WILL NOT process Tipasa requests for DePaul College of Law Faculty or Students.


2. Search Online Digital Repositories:

Online digital repositories for books (as well as other resources) can be especially helpful for materials that are freely accessible for use and/or fall within the public domain. This can be used as an option in situations where items are unable to be secured through DePaul, I-share or Worldcat.


3. Ask a Law Reference Librarian:

If you are unable to locate a resource through the library catalog, or via internet tools such as Google Books, please contact a reference librarian. You can contact a law reference librarian by;