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Guide to Library Services for Law Review and Law Journals

This guide will serve as a fundamental resource for information on library services and policies geared toward DePaul Law Review and Specialty Journals and their specific research needs.

Welcome to the DePaul University Rinn Law Library Guide to Library Services for Law Review and Law Journals.

The purpose of this guide is to provide editors of the DePaul Law Review and the Law Journals with a resource guide to library services specific to the support of their cite checking needs. In this guide you will find;


1. A checklist of specific library resources that are available to law reviews and law journals at DePaul.

2. Guides to finding primary law sources, books and articles.

3. Bluebook excerpts that pertain to cite checking for reference.

4. Citation help for reference in searching for resources.

5. Rinn Law Library's policy and procedures on cite checking support.

6. Interlibrary Loan Policy on placing ILL requests specific to law reviews and law journals.

7. A list of Journal / Law Review Liaisons for reference and contact.

8. Copyright Clearance guidelines as they relate to cite checking requests.