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Guide to Library Services for Law Review and Law Journals

This guide will serve as a fundamental resource for information on library services and policies geared toward DePaul Law Review and Specialty Journals and their specific research needs.

Checklist of Law Review and Journal Library Resources:

  • At the beginning of each academic year, provide the Law Library with a list of members and contact information (email) when the new board begins its tenure.

This lets the law library staff know who is eligible from your journal to pick-up books from the "Hold Shelf" and obtain carrel privileges.


  • Get your I-share Library Account Number and designate Tipasa requestors for your law review / journal:

All journals will be assigned an I-share account for their use in requesting items for cite-checking. Accordingly, each journal will be responsible for any fines & fees incurred on the account for materials returned late, damaged or lost (not returned). The library will not be responsible for or absorb any of these costs and failure to settle all issues on the account in a timely fashion will result in suspension of the law journal's interlibrary loan privileges. Additionally, all journals are expected to designate no more than three editors or journal members to place Tipasa requests on the journal's behalf. A list of designated members for Tipasa requesting for the academic school year should be directed to the ILL Manager and Journal / Law Review Librarian Liaison at the beginning of each Fall academic term when a new law review / journal board begins its tenure. Any changes in staffing that affect the designated Tipasa requesting should be communicated to the ILL Manager and Journal / Law Review Librarian Liaison promptly.


  • A designated "Hold Shelf" for law reviews / journals interlibrary loan books:

Any ILL materials (with the exception of electronically delivered Tipasa materials) requested via I-share or Tipasa will be delivered to a designated "Hold Shelf" box for the journal. It is the responsibility of the journal's current staff to make sure that all ILL items are picked up when notified of availability and returned on or before their due date to the Circulation Desk. Each time a journal staff member comes to retrieve items from their journal's ILL "Hold Shelf" box, they must remove all items that are available for pick-up at the time. Items not picked up in a timely fashion will be sent back to their owning institution per the hold expiration or due date (whichever applies).


  • Box for interlibrary loan articles (and more...):

All electronically delivered Tipasa items will be sent via email directly to the assigned requesters for your journal. If you would like to keep track of the articles you request and allow sharing of these articles amongst journal members for cite-checking and other editorial responsibilities; we recommend utilizing the University's cloud based storage platform Box. All DePaul University students, faculty and staff have access to Box. Box can be utilized for storing or backing up all your journal's digital content including relatively large file types. For more information on Box, please see DePaul Information Services Page on DePaul's


  • Research carrels are available for your use if you need them:

The law library has 108 research carrels in the law library to help cite-checkers with the greatest research need. Each law review /journal has a specific number of carrels allotted to them. If you have cite-checkers who would benefit from having a research carrel within the library, please have them see the ILL Manager by visiting the law library circulation desk.


  • Get to know who your Journal / Law Review Librarian Liaison is for contact:

You may contact the Senior Faculty Research Librarian personally for any of your journal's library needs including scheduling research sessions. During the cite-checking process, we recommend that you inform the Senior Faculty Research Librarian of the articles you have narrowed down and will be cite-checking (providing he/she with a copy would be extremely helpful) so that they can best assist you in locating these resources. Please note that Librarians are here to assist you with your research not perform your research for you. Please do not deliver lists of cite-checking articles with the expectation the Journal / Law Review Librarian Liaison will secure them for you.