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Guide to Library Services for Law Review and Law Journals

This guide will serve as a fundamental resource for information on library services and policies geared toward DePaul Law Review and Specialty Journals and their specific research needs.

Finding Articles:

Finding Articles published in a Law Review, Law Journal or Newspaper:

1. Search for the Journal by title (i.e. journal or newspaper the article was published in) within DePaul's holdings (print and electronic) for availability.

Searching by Journal Title yields DePaul’s Holdings of the Journal (print or electronic) and includes:  ISSN (International Standard Serial Number); coverage dates for each holding; and direct links to electronic access of the articles in specific databases or to library catalog record information for exact location of the Journal in the library (i.e. call number and library branch along with the journal’s accessibility).




2. Search for the Article directly via Google Scholar.

You can apply settings to your Google Scholar searches by logging into Google (you must set up a Google account or have a gmail email account to login). We recommend adding "DePaul University" to your list of libraries in order for your results to specifically link to DePaul print and electronic holdings directly. Once you apply these settings, whenever you login and perform a Google Scholar search with the "article" filter selected; your list of results should provide you with direct links to DePaul holdings if available.


3. Browse the Law Library's A-Z databases for well-known databases containing law review and law journal articles, such as Hein Online and LegalTrac.‚Äč For interdisciplinary resources, please use the General University Libraries' A-Z databases for well known databases such as Academic Search Complete, Sage and ScienceDirect.


4. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)


5. Ask a Librarian:

If you are unable to locate a resource, please contact a reference librarian. You can contact a law reference librarian by;


Note: Please make sure you are in compliance with Copyright Clearance and Interlibrary loan policies and procedures before submitting requests for articles via interlibrary loan.