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Corporate & Securities Law Libguide

Corporate & Securities Libguide

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A Corporation is a Type of Business Association


The Corporation is the most common form of business association for large businesses


  • Owners (stockholders or shareholders), invest capital in the business in exchange for ownership interests represented by shares of stock.
  • Shareholders are entitled to a share of profits and the right to vote on certain major events affecting the corporation.
  • Shareholders’ personal assets are protected from creditor’s claims against the corporation and their potential loss is limited to capital contributed.
  • Taxed as separate entities and distributions of profits are taxed to the stockholders as dividend income



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Public Companies Issue Securities through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and these are Traded on At Least One Stock Exchange (ex. New York Stock Exchange) or in Over The Counter (OTC) markets.

Some Federal Laws Governing Securities & Finance Industry: – About>Securities Laws