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Suggested Reading L-Z

Rodrigo Lara

Blake, Kevin. "La Paz: Rodrigo Lara Zendejas @ HPAC." Bad at Sports, 11 April 2016,

Reichert, Elliot. "Breakout Artists 2016: Chicago's Next Generation of Image Makers." Newcity Art, 28 April 2016,

Melissa Leandro

Reichert, Elliot. "Breakout Artists 2018: Chicago's Next Generation of Image Makers." Newcity Art, 26 April 2018,

Interview with Melissa Leandro. "Artist of the Week: Melissa Leandro." LVL3. 3 July 2018.

José Lerma

Interview with José Lerma. "José Lerma's Neon Gestures."  Inside/Within, Oct 2015.

Press Kit. Andrea Rosen Gallery (contains multiple articles).

Nicole Marroquin

Marroquin, Nicole. "Youth as Engaged Cultural Workers: Benito Juarez High School and the Legacy of Student Uprisings on the Lower West Side of Chicago." Visual Arts Research, vol. 44 no. 2, 2018, p. 43-52. Project MUSE (requires DePaul login)

Seif, Hinda. "Space, Place, and Belonging: Interdisciplinary Artists Nicole Marroquín." GÉNEROS: Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies, vol. 26 no. 25, 2019,

Alfredo Martinez

Rizzo, José Luis. Revista Artefacto Internacional No. 18

Yvette Mayorga

Foumberg, Jason. "The Frosting Chronicler: Yvette Mayorga’s bittersweet sculptures ingeniously tackle immigration politics." Newcity, 24 Sept 2018,

Cardoza, Kerry. "The American Dream in Frosting: The Art of Yvette Mayorga.'' Chicago Reader, 25 April 2018,

Harold Mendez

Sward, Brand. "Narratives of Personhood: Harold Mendez Interviewed by Brandon Sward." BOMB, 14 Dec 2020,

Quiles, Daniel. "Harold Mendez: Patron." Artforum International, vol. 55, no. 5, Jan. 2017, p. 221+. Gale Literature Resource Center, (Requires DePaul login. Also available at

Vik Muniz

Muniz, Vik. Vik Muniz. Class Dismissed. Art, Creativity and Education. Ivorypress, Madrid, 2014.

Zagala, Maria. Interview with Vik Muniz for the exhibition Imaginary Prisons. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne,

Las Nietas de Nonó

Interview with Las Nietas de Nonó. "Las Nietas de Nonó by Pepón Osorio." Bomb. 5 Dec 2018,

Gallisá, Sofía. Interview with Las Nietas de Nonó. Terremoto: Contemporary Art in the Americas, no 6, 30 May 2016,

Errol Ortiz

No articles available. See Recommended Viewing.

Gala Porras-Kim

Schnadt, Sara. "Sounds in Oaxacalifornia: Gala Porras-Kim Investigates Indigenous Tones." Artbound, KCET, 30 July 2012,

"Whistling and Language Transfiguration: Zapotec Tones as Contemporary Art and Strategy for Resistance." Hispanic American Historical Review, 6 Vol. 96 No. 2, 1 May 2016, pp 233-237. Academic Search Complete. (requires DePaul login)

Diana Solís

Seif, Hinda. "Visualizing Spaces of Empowerment in Chicanx/Mexicanx Chicago with Artist and Cultural Organizer Diana Solís." Diálogo, vol. 21 no. 1, 2018, p. 67-80. Project MUSE (requires DePaul Login)

Edra Soto

Kwate. Naa Oyo. "Open 24 Hours." The Momentary, 2020,

Indrisek, Scott. Interview with Edra Soto. "Edra Soto." Foundwork, 2029,

Vincent Valdez

Barry, Bart. "Vincent Valdez, and Boxing as Metaphor.", 30 Sept 2012,

Derek Webster

Hutinet, Phil. "Derek Webster: A Garden and A Dream." East City Art. 30 Nov 2016,,with%20his%20sister%20in%201964.

Mario Ybarra​ Jr.

Fragoza, Carribean. "Mario Ybarra Jr." The Huntington, 15 Aug 2018,

"Behind the Closed Door: Intimacy, Collaboration, and Access." Artists and Rights. no. 6, 11 Aug 2020,