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Exploring Latinx

"DPAM uses the term "Latinx" as a nonbinary, gender-inclusive alternative to Latino or Latina for people of Latin American heritage living primarily in the United States. The term acknowledges people who identify along the gender spectrum. The “x” is a variable that is intended to signal support for marginalized individuals. It is important to note that not every artist in our upcoming exhibitions or programs identifies as a Latinx artist, some prefer national, racial, and/or ethnic designations of identity. DPAM respects and supports all forms of self-identification."

-- "Latinx Initiative." DePaul Art Museum, 2020, Accessed 22 Dec 2020.

Explore the terminology and its use in contexts beyond this exhibition starting with these resources:

"Latinx Philosophy." Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 13 Dec 2018,, Accessed 8 Dec 2020.

Noe-Bustamante,Luis, et al. "How Widespread is the use of Latinx?" Pew Research Center, 11 Aug 2020,, Accessed 8 Dec 2020.

Resources on Latinx Art & Artists

Explore the Journals, Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture and Diálogo

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LACASA Chicago

A publishing house and online resource center focused on Latin and Central American, Caribbean and Latin@ Cultural Studies from a global perspective, but with a current emphasis on Chicago Latin@ Art, Literature and History

Documents of Latin American and Latino Art Digital Archive