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Using this Guide

Hello class!

We’ll be supporting you as course librarians for Art, Politics, & Economy of the Silk Road this quarter. We'll get a chance to meet during your library visit and we'll be giving you feedback on the first draft of your annotated bibliographies. Throughout the quarter, you can reach out to us for research help either by sending an email or scheduling a research consultation over Zoom. 

This guide is full of resources that will help you succeed in this course: information about the presentation tools we'll review in class, article databases you'll need to research your topic, and more. Good luck with your research!

Your librarians,

Alexis and Sveta

Map of the Silk Roads

Source: UNESCO Silk Roads Programme

Library Visit Activity

Use the worksheet below to brainstorm ideas about the social, political, and cultural concepts you're interested in and the objects or sites that can help you learn more about them.  We'll have time in class to help you work through this activity and answer questions. 

Art and Art History Librarian

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Alexis Burson
John T. Richardson Library
1st Floor Reference Desk
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Subjects: Art & Architecture

Political Science Librarian

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Sveta Stoytcheva
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(312) 362-5764