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Quick & Basic Book Searches:

The most direct way to identify books of interest is to search the LibrarySearch tool found in the center of the Library home page. It helps to know that the preferred subject term is in fact "popular culture". Simply searching for that phrase alone will produce results. Add keywords of interest for greater precision, e.g., sports popular culture or Japan popular culture.

With search results displayed, use the limit options located in the left side bar of the screen as desired. 


More Advanced Book Searches:

When narrowing your popular culture focus to a particular information genre, subject or theme, you can sometimes generate more relevant and useful book choices by performing an "Advanced Search." This allows you to specify search criteria such as title words, material type (books), and publication dates. Here's a link to search results and an illustration below showing an Advanced Search for recently published books and book chapters that include popular notions of "time travel" (the * asterisk symbol tells LibrarySearch to find alternative word endings, such as time travelers, time traveler's, or time traveling):

Captain America e-book