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Advocacy - What to Look For

Looking for alternative viewpoints on environmental issues?  You might find it useful to search or browse within the websites of environmental advocacy groups (or 'action groups') and other 'non-profit' and 'non-governmental' organizations that represent a particular environmental position or agenda.

There are literally hundreds--if not thousands--of such groups nationally and internationally, and links to just a few of the more notable or widely-known organizations are linked from this page.

You'll find a much more comprehensive selection of environmental advocacy and interest groups through suitably domain-restricted Internet searches (e.g. search statements that include the notation

However, be sure to identify and assess the credentials of those organizations, in addition to the accuracy, currency and authority of the information they provide.  Also be clear about the purposes of the organization and its website, and what it stands for--ask yourself--does it have a mission, vision, or policy statement?  Look for 'About Us' links, and any information indicating their currency and continuing activity.  Look also for information indicating the organization's governance and sponsorship (i.e. who pays their bills), and the qualifications, experience, names/titles of board members, editors and other contributors.  Are there any stated affiliations with academic, political, religious or industry-based organizations?