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Looking for an Environmental Issue or Topic?

Try using some of the various news sources listed on this page to help you find inspiration and get you started with your research!

These and other places to find inspiration might include:

  • General & multidisciplinary science magazines (e.g. Scientific American; Science; Nature; Science News; C&EN; Physics Today)
  • National/regional newspapers (e..g Chicago Tribune; New York Times)
  • Environmental magazines, newsletters & journal articles
  • Websites of environmental associations & magazine/journal publishers
  • Environmental issues relating to your own experience, or which impact you personally

Environmental News

To save you from frustrating, fruitless and time-consuming Internet searches, try some of the following links to news publisher websites.  They're considerably more likely to reveal objective, current, relevant, verifiable and substantive sources of news, commentary and facts realting to current environmental issues.

Find specific journal/newspaper

For Example, 'National Geographic'

Additional News Sources

Linked below are a few key resources for searching across multiple newspapers at once.  Be sure also to check the separate research guide: "How to Find Newspapers & News Stories" for a much wider choice of news resources!