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Key criteria to determine if a document is scholarly

  • Note the title of the journal or publication cited . Often so-called scholarly publications begin with Journal of... or have the words Review or Quarterly in them.
  • Length of the article is often a tip off something is more research-oriented. Think about it...what's likely to do a better job addressing a topic--a one page article or a ten page article? Longer articles usually are an indication of a more indepth treatment.
  • See if the author is affiliated with a university or other research institution. With scholarly articles, the name of an institution of higher learning often follows the author's name.
  • Are there multiple authors? If it takes two or more people to write an article there's a good chance it is scholarly in nature.
  • Does the description of the article indicate the appearance of charts and graphs? Usually such embellishments accompany scholarly research.
  • The ultimate criterion to look for is the inclusion of a bibliography or references. This alone is what makes an article truly scholarly in that the author carefully points to other sources to show what he based his conclusions on. If the full text is available, display it and scroll directly to the last page to see if there is a listing of "Works Cited" or "References".

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3. Otherwise, click on "JOURNAL"
4. If neither option is available, click on Request via Illiad

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