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Searching MLA International Bibliography

Access MLA International Bibliography

By Author: 

If you are just starting your research and not yet sure what your topic is, a good way to search is to use the Browse Authors feature. This will direct you to all of the articles in MLA that discuss the work of a specific author, e.g. Joseph Conrad.

1. Click on Browse Authors.

2. Type in the author's name (last name, first name) and click Browse.

3. From the list, select your author's name. Click Search.

4. You will now see a list of all of the articles in MLA that discuss Joseph Conrad as a subject.



Searching by Topic or Theme

1. Enter your search terms. Be sure to separate search terms on different lines.

2. Look at your search results; see what words they use to describe your topic. 

3. You can then add any new terms you come across to your search.

Articles, Dissertations, and More

MLA International Bibliography includes the following types of sources:

  • Journal Articles
  • Book Articles (Chapters), Books
  • Dissertations

You can click on the Find Full Text @ DePaul link to see if we have the full text.  

Exclude Dissertations

Unless you are a graduate student, you should not use dissertations. You can easily exclude dissertations from your results by clicking the Exclude Dissertations option on the search results page.

Exclude dissertations

Examples of different formats 






Book Chapter