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About the Artists

Full bios of the artists can be found by clicking on their names. 

María Berrío

Brooklyn-based artist, Maria Berrío's work is influenced by surrealism and magical realism and more recently by oral traditions and rituals, customs, and beliefs of South America. Her collages of mostly women are based in memories of her youth spent at her family's farm outside Bogotá, Colombia.

Joiri Minaya

Joiri Minaya is a Dominican-American multi-disciplinary artist interested in the exploration of binaries and inbetweenness through gender and national or racial identity. Her recent works focus on representations of an imagined tropical identity. 

Rosana Paulino 

"Rosana Paulino’s practice spans drawing, embroidery, engraving, printmaking, collage, sculpture, and installation to explore the history of racial violence and the persisting legacy of slavery and scientific racism in Brazil, deconstructing the production and dissemination of racist theories that served as justification for European colonialism and the slave trade." --Liv Cuniberti, Venice Biennale 2022

Kelly Sinnapah Mary

Kelly Sinnapah Mary is a multi-disciplinary artist from Guadalupe whose work references childhood experiences, biblical stories, Caribbean literature and fairy tales. She uses embroidery, painting, drawing and sculpture to explore Caribbean post-colonial dilemmas and the resistance to self-invention.