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About the Curators

The exhibition is organized by DePaul Art Museum staff and is curated by contributing artists Amber Ginsburg and Aaron Hughes.

Amber Ginsburg

Amber Ginsburg is a Chicago based artist teaching at the University of Chicago in the Department of Visual Arts. She creates site-generated projects and social sculptures that insert historical scenarios into present day situations, as well as engage present day histories to imagine alternative futures. 

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Aaron Hughes

Aaron Hughes is an artist, curator, organizer, teacher, anti-war activist, and Iraq War veteran living in Chicago. He works collaboratively in diverse spaces and media to create meaning out of personal and collective trauma, deconstruct and transform systems of oppression, and seek liberation. Working through an interdisciplinary practice rooted in drawing and printmaking, he develops projects that deconstruct militarism and related institutions of dehumanization. These projects often utilize popular research strategies, experiment with forms of direct democracy, and operate in solidarity with the people most impacted by structural violence.

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