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If you'd like background information on issues related to this exhibition, a few links are provided below. For specific article and book recommendations, visit the "Suggested Reading" section of this research guide.

Global War on Terror

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Guantánamo Bay and Extralegal Detainment

"Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp." Wikipedia.

Chicago Policing and Torture/Connection to Guantánamo

Ackerman, Spencer. "Bad Lieutenant: American Police Brutality, Exported from Chicago to Guantánamo." The Guardian. 18 Feb. 2105,

"Richard Zuley" Wikipedia.

"Jon Burge." Wikipedia.

Countering Dehumanizing Effects of War and Detention

Chiara Volpato and Luca Andrighetto. "Dehumanization." International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Second Edition), 2015.

"Dehumanization." Wikipedia. 

[will add additional source on psychological effects of detention]

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