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About this Guide

Amber Ginsburg and Aaron Hughes, Tea Project, 2014. Photo by Marlo Angle.

The DePaul Museum of Art and DePaul University Library have partnered to create research guides to accompany DPAM exhibitions. This guide serves as a starting point for conducting research about the artists, works of art, and context of items in the exhibition.  

"Remaking the E​xceptional marks 20 years since the opening of the United States' extralegal prison in Guantánamo by examining local and international ramifications of state violence, while also uplifting acts of creative resistance. This exhibition highlights connections between policing and incarceration in Chicago and the human rights violations of the "Global War on Terror." It celebrates the struggle for survival, justice, and reparations by imprisoned people, activists, and artists. Remaking the Exceptional​ brings together a diverse group of artists and activists working on the legal and moral implications of torture and incarceration." -- DPAM