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What is Zotero & what does it do?

Zotero is an open source software application for organizing references & creating bibliographies and citations. You can save journal articles, reports, books, websites and other information sources into Zotero's collections, making them easy to find and insert into documents.

How can Zotero help me?

Whenever you need to collect, organize, use or share multiple citations (e.g. when you're writing a paper), a citation manager, such as Zotero, allows you to...

  • collect and organize citations wherever, whenever, and however you find them
  • safely store and organize all your citations, making them easy to retrieve and re-use
  • automatically insert citations and bibliographies as you write your documents
  • format your citations accurately and in accordance with your required citation style
  • share and exchange citations with others involved in your research
  • preserve citations for future use beyond DePaul


Transform the organization of your references from this... or this... (screenshots of unorganized desktops) to this... (screenshot of organized Zotero library)



Get Zotero

Download Zotero Here!

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Zotero can be freely downloaded and used through the website.