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About the Artists

Jimmy James Canales 

(American, b. 1985) uses performance and sculpture to create works about exploration, myth and technology. For this exhibition, he’s scheduled to complete a two-day, 27-mile trek across the city of Chicago July 26-27, collecting found materials and creating documentation to be installed in the museum’s galleries.

Jenelle Esparza 

(American, b. 1985) examines the history of cotton and labor in South Texas through photography and textiles. Her recent projects consider the intersections of Mexican and American culture and the implications of trans-generational trauma.

‚ÄčMelissa Leandro 

(American, b. 1989) fuses digital and traditional weaving techniques in fabric works that touch upon painting as well as her experience as the daughter of a domestic worker. Leandro combines colors and patterns that speak to her Costa Rican roots with abstract patterns and found furniture.

Emilio Rojas 

(Mexican, b. 1985) uses his body to address legacies of colonialism and oppression. His current research studies Chicago’s ties to Christopher Columbus from the World’s Fair to the present day, and invites speculation and imagination of alternative histories.