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Public Interest Law /Pro Bono Work

A Rinn Law Library guide to resources available in Public Interest Law and related subject areas.

Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education Publications (IICLE)

There are no IICLEs that are specific to Public Interest / Pro Bono Law. There are sections within some IICLES that cover narrower subject matter related to Public Interest / Pro Bono Law. IICLEs are available in print or via the IICLE Smartbooks database. Access to materials on IICLE Smartbooks requires a subscription. DePaul University College of Law authorized users should use your campus credentials to authenticate when prompted. To access IICLE Smartbooks via the Rinn Law Library's A-Z Databases:

  • College of Law Rinn Law Library Home Page ( -->Research-->Database List-->IICLE Smartbooks
  • You will be asked to authenticate with your campus credentials
  • IICLE Smartbooks-->IICLE Online Library-->Browse Publications-->Ethics & Professional Responsibility


Selected IICLEs containing Public Interest / Pro Bono related information below:

Illinois Monographs and Treatises