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Public Interest Law /Pro Bono Work

A Rinn Law Library guide to resources available in Public Interest Law and related subject areas.

Overview of Books Available at DePaul

The selection of books listed on this page represent a sample of titles within the Rinn Law Library's collection relative to Public Interest / Pro Bono Law. The titles are classified under the following subject headings:

  • Public Interest Law
  • Cause Lawyering
  • Pro Bono
  • Social Change
  • Social Justice
  • Legal Aid
  • Legal Assistance
    • Marginalized groups (including but not limited to):
      • to the poor
      • for children
      • inmates
      • to the elderly
      • disabled
  • Poverty
  • Other
    • Legal Profession (broader term to use when having difficulty finding relative materials under other subject headings)
    • Legal Ethics (related term to use for resources related to the rules of conduct and ethical responsibilities related to lawyers for Pro Bono work)
      • Professional Responsibility

It is important to note that the Public Interest Law subject heading does not always appear as a main entry when researching. A good example of this occurred when looking at the reference resource: "The Legal Information Buyers Guide". For such entries, the Legal Profession subject heading was used as an access point to locate Public Interest Law materials.

Recommended from Legal Information Buyers Guide (2017)

Selected Titles from the Catalog