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We have is an eclectic mix of screenplays in our collections at both Loop and Richardson Libraries--major Hollywood films along with smaller independent films. The trick is to search the library catalog using the phrase "motion picture plays" which is the official subject or topic term for scripts/screenplays: Sample Results

  • Many of the results listed will have the name of a film and the word screenplay in the title.
  • Most will be about screenplays as a format but not necessarily about any one particular film script. 
  • Availability in print is going to be hit or miss. Some film scripts just won’t exist. Far fewer television scripts/teleplays exist.
  • Use the "Available online" limit option to access content immediately. 

You can also expand the search beyond DePaul and choose the wider I-Share system:  Sample Results

  • Bear in mind, we don't have access to other schools' e-books/e-content. 

You can determine the availability of additional screenplays by using the "Libraries worldwide" search option.

  • Search the name of a known film and add the keyword screenplay after.
  • "Sign in" to access interlibrary loan request options if something is not available at DePaul or other I-Share libraries: Sample Results


Is there a difference between a script and a screenplay?

It depends on who you ask.

Are you really interested in locating play scripts? If so, then you should be here.