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The most direct way to identify books of interest is to search the DePaul VuFind Catalog. It helps to know that the preferred subject term is in fact "motion pictures", plural. Simply searching for the name of a "Alfred Hitchcock" will produce results. For a more comprehensive search try the keywords Hitchcock motion pictures. Using just the director's last time in this way increases the likelihood of uncovering the existence of content in books about broader concepts, e.g., evil in motion pictures or history of British filmmaking, that have chapters devoted to Hitchcock in this case. Finding books devoted to a particular film requires a similar approach: search the title of the film followed by motion picture, singular, e.g., Birds motion picture.

What about screenplays? Don't assume that any given screenplay has been published commercially and is readily available in book form. You can search the VuFind Catalog (and be sure to search the wider I-Share system), but use the more formal subject term motion picture plays along with the title of the film to see what might be available. Otherwise, consider seeing if a screenplay or transcript is readily available on the Web.

Requesting Books

Click here for step by step instructions on how to request a book from DePaul University Library and I-Share.

I found a few books I want, now what?

Books on film studies are split between the Lincoln Park and Loop Libraries, i.e, there are sizeable collections at both locations and it can seem a bit arbitrary as to why something ends up shelved where it does. Be prepared to request materials as needed. Books can be delivered to the other DePaul campus the next day (excluding weekends).

We won't necessarily have everything you need or want in our collections. If we do have a desired book, you might discover it's checked out. Savvy DePaul students know to take advantage of the wider I-Share system of academic libraries. You may request books for delivery to your preferred DePaul Library location; plan for 5 business days until arrival. It's too bad that many students do not realize that their DePaul ID card is also honored in person at any I-Share library for the purposes of borrowing. So, if you are downtown, you might consider visiting the School of the Art Institute, Columbia, Roosevelt or UIC. Maybe you live in the suburbs and an I-Share library is nearby. If you borrow in person, you can always return I-Share borrowed books through us here at DePaul.

Use WorldCat and our ILLiad interlibrary loan service on the off-chance you need a book that we don't have available here at DePaul or in the wider I-Share system. Understand that it can take upwards of 2 weeks for a book to arrive through the mail for pick up at your preferred DePaul Library location. The loan periods are typically short--2 weeks with the possibility of a renewal for an additional 2 weeks at the discretion of the lending library. For this reason, it is not recommended that you use this service to obtain your textbooks with the expectation that (1) they will come quickly if at all and (2) you will be able to keep them for the entire 10 week quarter.

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