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Useful Keywords for Your Searches

Your searches will be more productive when incorporating the variety of terms used by database providers, as well as authors and publishers, to express the concepts of racism, health, healthcare, and related factors. Some of the search terms you might try include:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Racism (e.g. medical/institutional/structural/covert/implicit/systemic)
  • Race, race factors, racially, racial (e.g. racial factors/bias/prejudice/discrimination)
  • Discrimination
  • Prejudice
  • Ethnic groups, ethnicity
  • Minority groups, minorities, African Americans, Blacks, Black Persons, Black People, Latinos, Latinas, Latinx, Latin Americans, Hispanics, Hispanic Americans, Indigenous Peoples, Native Americans, People of Color, BIPOC
  • Health, healthcare or health care (e.g. health disparities, healthcare disparities, health inequities, healthcare inequities... etc.)

Finding Books & Background Sources

Using the terms listed above, search the library catalog to find a diverse assortment of relevant books and book chapters. Try THIS LINK for an illustration of the many recently-published materials available through DePaul.

For quick and convenient overviews, explanations and definitions, try searching the Library’s online encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries.

Useful Databases

Many different databases contain articles, reports and other documents concerned with racism in health and healthcare. Depending on the focus and context of your interest, the most useful databases include the following (use the provided links for an illustration of recently-published articles you can find), remembering to Ask A Librarian if needing help with searching for specific criteria):

Selected Documents (Reports, Blogs, Articles, Statements)

Health & Healthcare Disparities - Web Resources

Numerous organizations--in addition to those listed above--provide information on the broader and closely-related fields of minority health (including health status) and healthcare disparities (including inequities in access to healthcare services). Many of these can be accessed from the library resource guide: “Health Disparities and Health Care Disparities,” provided by the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Racism in Health & Healthcare: Videos