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Activating Courses

After creating an account you can view current courses, view upcoming courses, and activate any course available in PeopleSoft.  Once a course has been activated, items can be requested to be added to the course.  For any course that occurs in the future, you can access it by selecting "View Upcoming Courses".  

View Current and Upcoming Courses

View Upcoming Courses

Activate Courses

Activate Ares Courses

Requesting New Items

Faculty can request items to be added to any course they are teaching.  Course proxies can also request items to be added to a course.    Faculty can upload an item, or request that library staff pull items from the shelves.  For any item that is uploaded, library reserves staff will review the item before making it available to students.  

Item requests can include: 

  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Articles
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Websites
  • File Uploads


Faculty can add a reserve item by selecting a course from the main menu and then selecting "Add Reserve Items"  from the menu on the left. 

Instructor Menu

From the next screen, faculty can choose which type of item they would like to request or upload.  

Add Item


Complete the required information for each citation, and as much other information as you can supply.    At the bottom of each item request form is a checkbox to let reserves staff know how the items should be supplied

How will this item

Importing Previously Used Reserves

Course reserves from the previous system, Docutek, have been imported and are available in Ares.  This import included the most recent three years worth of courses. You can search for reserves from past courses, or browse for items and import them into any current course.  


Search Box:  

To use the search feature, enter a keyword or title for any reserve item you have used previously.  From the results list you can select the item and choose which current course to add it to.  This search includes items that you have used in previous courses. 



Importing Reserve Items from Previous Courses

Step 1:  Select the current or future course you would like to import items into.  



Step 2:  Select Add Reserve Items from the menu on the left


Step 3:  Select a course from your course history to import from


Step 4:  Select all or a portion of the items available for this course, making sure to double check the items you select, and click on "Import Items"


Reserves staff will review the request and make the items available to your course.  If you have any question, contact your reserves contact.

Reserves Staff