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About this Guide

Stockyard Institute & Seen and Heard (Jim Duignan & Rachel Harper), PUBLIC SCHOOL, 2017. Photo: Jim Duignan

Stockyard Institute & Seen and Heard (Jim Duignan & Rachel Harper), PUBLIC SCHOOL, 2017. Photo: Jim Duignan. 

The DePaul Museum of Art and DePaul University Library have partnered to create research guides to accompany DPAM exhibitions. This guide serves as a starting point for conducting research about the artists, works of art, and context of items in the exhibition.  

"Stockyard Institute, an ongoing civic and artistic practice founded in 1995 by artist Jim Duignan in the Back of the Yards community of south Chicago, was influenced by community artists, revolutionaries, youth, activists, and radical teachers. Together, they instrumentalized the arts in Chicago neighborhoods to reimagine social, civic, and personal forms of public engagement. This retrospective brings together for the first time archival material, objects, installations and a radio station that exemplify a subversive art practice on the margins rooted in love, relationships, collaboration, and self-determination."

--DePaul Art Museum. "Exhibitions," 

Key themes of this exhibition include exploring educational pedagogy and the intersection of art practice with political and social issues.