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Identifying an Article Citation

Finding the Full Text of the Article

1. Go to Citation Linker

2. Search for your citation.

Starred fields are required.

3. Look for the article option and click on it.

4. If article isn't available, use the Request via Interlibrary Loan option (see above).

You can configure Google Scholar to detect when DePaul owns the full text of an item:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the settings option 
  3. Click on Library Links
  4. Search for DePaul University
  5. Checkmark the two DePaul options

You can now search for the title of an article and see if DePaul owns a copy.  (Note that not all articles will necessarily show up in Google Scholar.)

*Only use ILLiad when DePaul does not have an online copy of the article. **

1. Search for your citation using Citation Linker and/or Google Scholar.

2. If you don't see an Article link in a window (like the one below), use the Request via ILLiad option either by clicking on the link.