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Background Information

Do some preliminary research using background sources to familiarize yourself with the terminology and basic information about your topic. The more you know going in, the easier it will be to make sense of your data later.

Find Health Data

Government run, public health organizations with a mandate to track disease epidemiology in the interest of community health. These organizations administer large scale, resource-intensive studies that measure health outcomes over time.

Researchers and scholars who collect data to make new discoveries about disease with the goal of expanding the pool of scientific knowledge and identifying potential interventions to improve outcomes.

Researchers are increasingly sharing their original data alongside published articles. Data sharing helps others reproduce and validate experiments and reuse old data to test new hypotheses. You can search for this data in open data repositories like ICPSR.

Journalists that visualize and interpret data (often from other sources) to inform the public about newsworthy health issues. This can be a good way to find out about data to explore further, or get familiar with a topic you may be interested in researching.
Many nonprofit and advocacy organizations also collect and share health data as part of their efforts to influence public policy.

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