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Mental Health and Wellness Resources for Law Students and Lawyers

Law School Stress

The Law Student Podcast talks mental health in the legal profession

Mental health problems have long been a prevalent issue amongst both law students and practicing lawyers, but have things gotten better as the profession has sought to increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding these concerns? Meg Steenburgh welcomes Patrick Krill for a broad discussion on legal field mental health and his extensive research and work in this area. Patrick offers invaluable perspectives on how to be in tune with your own mental health and how to seek help when you need it.

Dealing with the pressures of law school

The pressures of law school are intense, leading to inordinate amounts of stress and mental health issues for law students. So how can students remain productive without losing themselves in the heavy workload?

Examining stress and offering hope to law students

Why do law students experience such high levels of stress compared to students in other areas of graduate study?

Following on from a recent episode where host Ashley Baker and new Law Student Division chair Johnnie Nguyen discussed the division’s upcoming mental health initiatives, Ashley now convenes a roundtable discussion to highlight the factors driving student mental health issues.

This diverse group of guests offers perspectives geared toward helping fellow students manage stress and finding assistance when needed.

Time and Life Management Basics 

  • Has technology made things even more difficult?
  • How to focus and get the right things done
  • Why multitasking is a bad idea
  • Why it’s important to make time for breaks
  • Overcoming self-sabotaging behavior in law school


  • Why thinking about grades can be to blame for your stress
  • “Worry thoughts” and how you can ignore them
  • How to stop “catastrophizing”
  • What is the difference between pressure and stress?
  • Strategies for handling pressure in law school and thriving under pressure


  • Getting along with varied personalities in law school
  • How to meet people if you are an introvert
  • What can you do to feel less isolated and alone?
  • Handling the inevitable ups and downs of law school
  • The importance of getting help when you need it


  • How to find happiness as a lawyer or law student
  • What to do in law school to prepare for a happy career