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Migration, Mobility and Human Rights

Introduction to Law Library Resources related to Migration, Mobility, and Human Rights

Migration, Mobility and Human Rights

This LibGuide lists Migration, Mobility, and Human Rights titles we have available here at DePaul, not only in print, but via our DePaul Law & DePaul General University Library Databases. In addition to materials found via the Library Catalog & DePaul databases, we have included titles & materials available via the major legal databases (such as Lexis and Westlaw). 

Migration is movement from one country or region to another--Black's Law Dictionary 10th ed. 2014. p. 1142

Human Rights are the freedoms, immunities, and benefits that according to modern values (especially at an international level) all human beings should be able to claim as a matter of right in the society in which they live. id. p. 858