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Data Management Plan (DMP)

If you are applying for grant funding for your project, there is a chance that a Data Management Plan (DMP) will need to be submitted along with the proposal. This is increasingly true for any federal grant application and many private grants are also requiring a DMP submission. If you have never created a DMP before, this article may be helpful to read before you get started: Ten Simple Rules for Creating a Good Data Management Plan

Which agencies require a DMP?

The DMPTool has a list of the funding agencies that currently require a DMP submission. Included are the actual requirements for each agency: DMP Requirements

How do I get started?

The DMPTool from the University of California Curation Center is used by many universities to create a customized DMP. It will walk researchers through the steps necessary to create a DMP for a particular funding agency. You can create a user ID and password for the DMPTool without being affiliated with an organization. Click "Log In" in the upper right hand corner and select "Not in List" in the drop down box. You can then click the green "Create an Account" button and fill in your information to create your account.

Is there someone at the library who can provide additional assistance?

Yes! We are happy to help. Find your liaison librarian here:

Since this is a new and emerging requirement, many researchers have chosen to add their DMP to the collective knowledge base.

Public DMPs 

The DMPTool community has made many DMPs publicly available. Note: these have not been vetted for accuracy or completeness.

Example DMPs and Guidance

The Digital Curation Centre in the UK has also listed many examples. Note: these are mainly for European institutions, but there is a wide range of projects including projects in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Data Management Planning

DataOne has DMP examples from the environmental science field.