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Saving Your Search Results

Here are links to setting up indivdual accounts with the major database providers of nursing & health-related articles:

Help Finding Nursing Articles

Where's the Full Text?

No Full Text in Database? ...

1. Click  

2. When displayed, click "ARTICLE"

3. Otherwise, click on "JOURNAL"

4. If neither option shows, click Request via Illiad

Also use ILLIAD to get an electronic copy of any article we do not have online

Got Citation but Need Full Text?

Trying to find full text when you've got an article citation (or partial citation)?  Start by first determining what access we have for that journal, then 'search within' that journal.

For Example, 'Nursing Times'

Google Scholar Search Box

Have Google Scholar detect when DePaul has article access!

1.Go to

2. Click on  (top right)

3. Select Scholar Settings

4. Select Library Links

5. Search for DePaul

6. Select check box for:

7. Save